Brushgrove is situated on the southern end of Woodford Island. Woodford Island covers 37 square kilometres, is the largest inland island in the southern hemisphere, and the largest inland island in the world with its own mountain range.

Woodford Island was one of the first places inhabited by Europeans on the Far North Coast. Originally settled for the abundance of red cedar on the island, Brushgrove was once a major trading hub for timber, sugar and other agricultural goods due to its location on the Clarence River.

One of the last surviving vehicular ferries on the Clarence is located on the western side of Woodford Island, giving access to Lawrence for motorists. The trip across the river only takes a couple of minutes and give a fantastic opportunity to take in the serene waters of the Clarence and native birdlife.

Brushgrove is just one kilometre off the Pacific Highway and is a great place for travellers to stop for a quality country meal or an overnight stay at the friendly local hotel.

If you want a unique holiday of Clarence River exploring, the only houseboat operator in the Clarence Valley is located at Brushgrove.